WeShareSolar – Crowdfunding Solar Energy

Header image: WeShareSolar – Crowdfunding Solar Energy

WeShareSolar (Dutch brand name: ZonnepanelenDelen) is a crowdfunding platform for collective solar-energy initiatives. WeShareSolar assists crowdfunding solar energy projects by supporting many local renewable-energy initiatives with the realization of projects by taking care of financing, contracting, administration and management. Together with the thousands of initiatives around the world we can create a solar energy revolution. We are the biggest crowdfunding platform for solar energy and making solar energy available for everyone. Households without a roof can have their solar panel placed on a roof somewhere else. Owners of a roof have a financing solution to immediately benefit from a solar rooftop. By helping with crowdfunding solar energy projects, WeShareSolar helps to make these projects flourish and be developed.

Citizens can investĀ in SolarShares from collective solar energy projects via ZonnepanelenDelen. People will receive annual interest bases on the production of the solar energy project. The principle is the same as people would have solar panels themselves on their roofs. At the end of the solar energy project, you will receive back your own investment, just like you would with a bond.

The process works with four simple steps. First, you choose a project which suits you. On the website, many different solar energy projects are presented where you easily, direct and trustworthy can invest. Here you can your annual profit and after how many years you will earn your investment back.

After choosing a project, you choose an investment amount. The website will show for each solar energy project different options.

Then, you have to sign up and register your personal data. This is needed to make a participation agreement for your investment.

Finally, you sign the contract and pay it via iDEAL. Then you are set to go!

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