Virtual Doorbell: the V-Bell

Header image: Virtual Doorbell: the V-Bell

The V-Bell is a virtual doorbell connected to the cloud. Visitors can “ring” the bell by touching the company on the map. When this happens they will see a list of all employees of the company. The visitor can select an employee, who will receive a push notification on his smartphone. Or alternatively, all incoming messages are collected on a single computer at the reception. When an incoming message is received, a reply can be sent like “I will answer the door” or “Click on ‘Take me there’to find the route to our door”. The visitor will be presented with a route from the entrance to the company they “rang”.

The virtual doorbell will be placed at the entrances of the Marineterrein. They encompass touchscreen monitors with a map of the Marineterrein and all its companies. The map is downloaded from Google Maps. Next to business parks, the V-bell is also suitable for tenant flats or other big buildings and terrains.

The V-Bell can be operated with the IoT-protocol. IoT stands for Internet of Things. Traditionally, only computers were connected to the internet. Nowadays, more devices have capabilities to connect with the internet. Hence, an Internet of Things where all connected things can communicate with each other. For instance, if a visitor “rings” the virtual doorbell, a coffee machine can be switched on automatically, or a fountain may create artful water patterns. Smart street lights will be placed at the Marineterrein Amsterdam in the future. These street lights might illuminate the pathway to the door for the visitor.

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