Upfall shower – Water saving Shower

Header image: Upfall shower – Water saving Shower

The Upfall water saving shower system recycles the water you use during a shower by taking used water and first filtering and disinfecting the water, then pumping the water back up through the showerhead. This way the shower has an output of 4 times more water per minute compared to a standard shower, while having only one fifth of the water consumption per minute. Enjoy a sustainable wellness experience!

A hybrid shower with two separate shower systems:
1. The regular shower:

This water saving shower system has a great powerful economic hand shower with a choice of 3 different shower jets. The shower works just like your current shower and is separated from the Upfall Upcycle shower system.

2. Upfall Upcycle shower system:

You can enjoy a great Wellness shower with the upcycle shower system. The water is continuously filtered, purified, heated and refreshed. You can enjoy a wonderful waterflow out of a 40 cm Wellness shower, which provides 40 liters per minute, while you only use 1,5 liter per minute *.(A regular shower would use 40 liters per minute)

Now you can enjoy without any guilt! Let the water flow. Enjoy and knowing you hardly use any water and gas.

It’s possible to pause the system if you like.

After each session the system will automatically be cleaned and no water is left behind.

The water is cleaned by a filter and uv-light.

The filter is easily to be detached and cleaned under a tap

The uv-light is specially made by Philips and you can easily check if this is functioning.

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