Smart Energy for SMEs

Header image: Smart Energy for SMEs

The growth in sustainable energy leads to fluctuations in the market. Heavy industries and the consumer market are currently receiving more and more resources to regulate and reschedule their energy use. However, small and medium size enterprises (SMEs), the middle segment of the market which encompasses 45% of electricity use in the Netherlands, are caught between a rock and a hard place. SmartCoVa fills that void by providing a smart energy network.

Fluctuations in the market

Electricity plants that operate on fossil fuel are able to adjust their production to demand. Sustainable electricity from solar or wind sources is more difficult to manage. As a result, greater price fluctuations will emerge depending on dynamic factors such as the weather. Flexibility in energy use will become more valuable. Every energy consumer can anticipate this by conserving energy, rescheduling its use or saving it for later use. SmartCoVa is the solution that combines this with commercial real estate and offers the consumer savings through flexibility.

SmartCoVa takes over and unites

In SmartCova, a smart energy network is established by making a connection between building installations and the energy network so that they can respond to signals from the APX stock exchange. We produce algorithms that predict and regulate energy use. By providing this trading service to such a large group of consumers and business owners, SmartCoVa also provides them with a greater say in the market. SmartCoVa also helps companies reschedule their energy use to a timeframe that is economically more advantageous.

SMARTCOVA is cooperation of six players in both utilities and real estate: Technolution, grid operator Alliander, utilities company Delta, EXE, TNO and installation company Van Dorp Energie.

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