Ring-Ring – A Platform to Stimulate Cycling

Header image: Ring-Ring – A Platform to Stimulate Cycling

Ring-Ring® is a platform where you and I (the choice is ours) can join. It aims to stimulate cycling. At the platform, all your cycle kilometres can be valued from 4 stakeholders (that each gain social and financial benefits from this):

  1. Cities (local government) exchange the cycle kilometres into a value for civic participation
  2. Employers exchange cycle kilometres in mobility budget for example
  3. Entrepreneurs exchange cycle kilometres into advantages/ discounts
  4. Healthcare exchanges cycle kilometres into prevention bonus

The Ring-Ringers remain owner of their own data and are able to share their data for free for research. All single points are shared as open data.

Economies thrive where people flourish. Cities become SMART when they have the possibility to learn through experience, to connect people and to grow from liveable to loveable. Cycling benefits 5 important themes in one action: health, economy, public space, mobility and climate!

Ring-Ring®  offers their platform service, tours, workshops and presentations in Amsterdam in cooperation with the Dutch Cycling Embassy (DCE).

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