Re-organise – Decentralised processing of organic waste

Header image: Re-organise – Decentralised processing of organic waste

More and more SMEs, such as urban farmers and restaurants, are looking for possibilities to valorise their organic waste. Instead of paying for waste removal, they try to create new business opportunities by separating and processing their organic waste into valuable products, materials and energy. These products are used by themselves or sold to partners nearby. By valorising organic waste in a decentralised manner, these companies aim to produce high-quality products and reduce sourcing, transportationc and waste management costs, while gaining independence.

RE-ORGANISE aims to create knowledge and business solutions around decentralized production of (semi-finished) products, materials, water and energy from organic waste. By means of practice-oriented design research, the project aims to contribute to sustainable businesses from an economic and ecological perspective by increasing knowledge, creating network opportunities, and developing practical solutions for the circular economy.

Research activities

Several innovative technologies and business models around anaerobic digestion, small-scale composting, insect and mushroom farming for energy and nutrients are studied with our partners in order to identify and design solutions for future sustainable entrepreneurs in circular urban agriculture networks.

The research is performed at several urban agricultural sites in The Netherlands. These sites have a high market potential for products, materials and energy from organic waste, because of their location in or nearby urban industrial, residential and commercial areas.

Intended results
  • A technology roadmap for companies (particularly SMEs) for identification of sustainable business opportunities through production through organic waste cascading, upcycling and recycling.
  • Circular business models for decentralised production through waste processing for symbiotic Urban Agriculture networks.
  • Prototypes for small scale processing of organic waste.

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