Plant Lab – Closed Growing Environment for Crops

Header image: Plant Lab – Closed Growing Environment for Crops

PlantLab is on a mission to change the way the world is fed. Through their revolutionary technology, they can grow fruits and vegetables on a fraction of the land required for conventional farming. Not only is crop taste and nutritional value greatly improved, the use of pesticides is also eliminated and the amount of water necessary drastically reduced. Given that the technology is geographically indiscriminate, the need for transportation can almost be eliminated and thus significantly curb pollution. Better food, better-fed people, and a healthier planet for children and grandchildren. PlantLab manages nature’s variables instead of changing the plant’s variables.

Another way of cultivating

Plants should not have to adapt to nature; nature should be adapted to plants. For thousands of years, mankind has tried to adapt crops to nature. Nature, however, has not been kind to plants. Over the last century, farmers and breeders have done their best to make crops resistant to droughts, arm them against harmful insects, and more. But this has been done at the expense of crop yields. At PlantLab, we have reversed this priority: instead of identifying ways to help plants better cope with nature, we created a controlled biotope around the needs of plants. We adapt this habitat to suit the specific needs of each crop. We put plants in control, which allows them to achieve significantly more of their  potential.

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