Smart Car Rental Company – ParkFlyRent

Header image: Smart Car Rental Company – ParkFlyRent

ParkFlyRent is a smart car rental company and provides an airport car sharing platform. Here where travelers park for free during their trip. While they’re on a tropical beach, ParkFlyRent cleans their car and rents it out to inbound travelers – fully insured of course. These travelers rent a car for less than with the big car rental companies, with better service and without producing a single car. We’re the next generation of car rental companies: green, social and cheap. A smart car rental company.

There are over 1 billion cars in the world, yet most rental companies keep buying cars in bulk. We don’t. We use cars that would otherwise sit idle, check, clean and insure those cars and rent them to you. We share the proceeds with the people or companies that own the cars and pass our savings on to you. Makes sense, right?

We provide you with friendly and efficient service including free airport shuttle service, where you get our full attention so we can get you on the road in no-time in a car you’ll love. Also, we guarantee the best price. And not just for the car rental fee, but also for accessories, insurance, and even administrative fees! Found a better price? Tell us where and we’ll beat it!

ParkFlyRent is happy to show delegates around the intricacies of a sharing company which not only provides the platform but also the service.

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