Mobile Dikes – A Mobile Flood Protection System

Header image: Mobile Dikes – A Mobile Flood Protection System

The Mobile Dike is a mobile flood protection system. It is a new, very efficient system to protect from flooding. In only a short time and without extra materials or equipment a temporary flood defence system with a height up to 2,6 meters can be realised. With merely four persons, they can place 100 meters of the Mobile Dike per hour. Due to its easy use, the Mobile Dike outperforms other flooding systems. An overview of the system is given here (Dutch).

Some mobile flood protection system application areas:

Cities and communities

Mobile Dikes can be used to protect urban areas. It can be applied to public buildings, private buildings, and open spaces. In general, it is suited for the bypassing of waterways on a variety of subsoils. Also, it can be used to reinforce existing dikes and levees.

Protection of Nature

The Mobile Dike is suitable to protect nature, like parks. It is also suitable to protect sensitive areas like the Waddensea. Another advantage is that the flood defence can be applied without structural consequences for the environment. An example is the Dessau-Worlitz UNESCO Heritage Park.

Hydraulic Engineering

The Mobile Dike can be used for flood protection in renovation and maintenance operations. Also, it can block waterways temporaliy.

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