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Mobility as a Service (MaaS) stands for a transition in mobility, where a consumer buys in mobility, instead of investing in transport equipment. In many sectors this transition already took place, like in music or hotels, now it’s time for mobility.

An essential change in MaaS is thinking in levels of service. New services will form a combination between classical forms of public transport, demand based transport and private vehicles. Between these forms borders will vanish and a more integral system will evolve. In a document called the MaaSifest we elaborate why we believe in MaaS, that MaaS is now already operational and we invite you to join us to speed up the adaptation of MaaS in The Netherlands. On 14 April 2016, the Taskforce MaaS presented the MaaSifest to Mr. Pieter Litjens, Alderman of the city of Amsterdam and Mr. Pex Langenberg, Alderman of the city of Rotterdam. The MaaSifest is signed by 29 organizations that want to accellerate the adoption of Mobility as a Service in the Netherlands. Here you can download the MaaSifest in English.

MaaS is not only something for the future, it’s already operational in The Netherlands! Several organizations in The Netherlands combine the available pieces into MaaS. An overview of some of the initiatives in The Netherlands you can visit already:

maas initiatives

For questions or more information please contact Connekt. Connekt is the leader of the Taskforce MaaS.

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