Smart handwashing station – Hydrowashr

Header image: Smart handwashing station – Hydrowashr

The Hydrowashr is a smart handwashing station. It is an efficient, sustainable way of washing your hands, reducing the use of water with 99%. With its hygienic appearance, the Hydrowashr invites you to wash and dry your hands. Sensors detect the hands and the smart handwashing process is started. Microscopic drops of pure water are blown onto the hands, cleaning the hands while they blow along the hands. With clean air, the hands are fully dried. After 15 seconds the hands are clean, dry and soft. The Hydrowashr is touch-free, soap-free, towel-free and uses only 10 ml water per use.

Billions microscopic small droplets of pure water in a fast moving speed will cleanse the skin, whilst the air immediately will blow off excess water. Besides that, the hand will be after-dried with pure air.

The Hydrowash is connected to a water supply. The water will be heated till 90 degrees Celcius and stored in an isolated tank. This way, micro-organisms like legionella will have no chance of survival. Despite the high temperature of the water the spray feels warm and comfortable and hands will feel smooth and soft after washing.

The Hydrowash has a powerfull airpump. WIth this, air and waterdroplets can be accelerated to almost 500 kilometers per hour and be blown onto the hands. With this speeds, the droplets receive an enormous cleansing effect, whilst the air easily dries the hands.


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