Green Soil Bag – Sustainable Embankments

Header image: Green Soil Bag – Sustainable Embankments

The Green Soil Bag has been designed for use at calamities, providing a sustainable alternative for the traditional sandbag. It can be used to construct sustainable embankments and dikes. The Green Soil Bag is made of a special burlap sack, with integrated talus seeds. Once filled with soil the seeds will sprout at any temperature and grow out of the sack. The first 1,5 year, the sacks will provide stability to the dike. Later the plants will take over this function by preventing erosion through their roots. An overview of projects where the Green Soil Bag is employed can be found here.

Next to use for calamities, it was found that the Green Soil Bag is also suitable in repairing dikes and embankments due to wave erosion, rainwater slip and damages due to a storm, traffic and more. The team repaired a dike in Cordaid, Bangladesh, en secured several villages for further flooding. Besides repairs, the Green Soil Bag can also be used for green roofs, public space, temporal dike enhancement, and making basalt- or asphalt slopes.


Greenlab is the innovative brain behind the Green Soil Bag. Here, new and ambitious projects are created and initiated. The goal of these projects is to add a valuable and significant contribution to sectors like  hydraulic engineering, environment, construction, and safety & defence.

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