Green Living Lab – Stimulate Healthy Urban Living

Header image: Green Living Lab – Stimulate Healthy Urban Living

The Green Living Lab is a natural lab in an urban environment where science, business, and technique meet to stimulate healthy urban living. Our structures have been integrated with our natural environment to create a unique space for learning, relaxation, creativity and connection.

We are located in a former school garden in Amsterdam’s financial district. Our education initiatives include the ‘Green Student Bootcamp Challenge’ and the ‘Neighbourhood Compost School’. Students taking part in ‘The Green Student Bootcamp Challenge’ are also taking part in the ‘Green Healthy Students’ research program by the VU University Amsterdam, to investigate how diet and environment impact student lifestyle and performance.

Visit our geodesic dome, a venue for research and educational events to promote healthy urban living. Our geodesic dome was designed as an outdoor research laboratory for scientists to investigate the influence of nature on our health & behaviour. Learn how heat from compost is captured by our biomeiler to heat the floor of our dome. Take a stroll through our food forest and organic garden, relax barefoot in our willow circle and enjoy feeling grass between your toes. Take a peek inside a ‘worm hotel’ to learn how organic waste can be turned into valuable compost at home or in your neighborhood.

Tours are available by appointment. For information on tours and workshops contact:


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