Green Deal Zero Emission City Logistics

Header image: Green Deal Zero Emission City Logistics

The Green Deal Zero Emission City Logistics is a growing network of over 80 companies and municipalities. They aim to experiment and to implement practical measures to reduce emissions resulting from city logistics. The measures are a combination of innovative logistic solutions, advanced regulation and new technology (both IT and propulsion/fuel).

Cities are the beating heart of the modern economy and their significance will only increase further in the future. They already generate the lion’s share of our gross domestic product. Today’s demanding consumers live, work and spend their leisure time in the city, resulting in growth in demand for goods and services. At the same time, they want the city to be and remain a livable environment or to offer even better quality of life in the future.

Good city logistics are key to the economic vitality and attractiveness of our cities. They ensure that online orders are delivered to our homes, restaurants can serve their customers, stores can display the latest collections on time and renovation work can be carried out smoothly. Urbanization places new demands on mobility within a city. As customers’ requirements change, city logistics networks are becoming more and more finely meshed and services are increasingly being provided on a just-in-time basis.

News updates from the Green Deal Zero Emission City Logistics can be found here.

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