Sustainable Food Transport by FoodLogica

Header image: Sustainable Food Transport by FoodLogica

We like to know that our food is produced and packaged sustainably, but we often overlook transport – which remains dominated by unsustainable vehicles. In cities like Amsterdam, vans complete thousands of inner-city deliveries for local businesses every day, creating unnecessary traffic, noise, and pollution. Sustainable food transport is not yet a reality.

FOODLOGICA tackles this problem. It is a logistical service designed to clean the last mile of Amsterdam’s local food system using solar powered E-trikes. Working with select clients, FOODLOGICA links local food producers, consumers, and businesses in Amsterdam’s city center that care to reduce emissions, congestion, and pollution through transport. FOODLOGICA’s flexible services suit diverse food-related clients, such as food shops, small-scale food producers, chefs, restaurants, and other food-related local actors in Amsterdam’s innovative, bike-friendly city.

The electric cargo bike is available to delivery food from location A to B or multiple locations in Amsterdam. Prices are built together with our clients and based on load capacity and distance covered. We are flexible, easily tailoring services to meet your needs in a fashion that is convenient, fast and clean – from working with local producers, cafés, chefs, catering businesses and restaurants to warehouse loading and delivery.

To further increase the low-impact nature of FOODLOGICA we have devised a system of charging the bikes off-grid using solar power. Our FOODLOGICA container is a self-sufficient charging station which can be relocated or replicated in a sustainable manner as the business grows, further increasing its sustainable food transport capacities.

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