Finch Buildings – Wooden Modular Buildings

Header image: Finch Buildings – Wooden Modular Buildings

Finch Buildings makes wooden modular buildings. Finch Buildings sets a new standard in building with an adaptable and stackable product of massive timber. The modules of Finch Buildings can be adapted to uses varying from student housing, (informal) care housing, hotels, housing for asylum seekers to independent apartments for starters.

The buildings of Finch Buildings can be removed simply and low-cost, they can be road-transported. As the modules are ‘plug and play’, they can be connected or unconnected in order to create bigger or smaller buildings or spaces when needed.

Each module has its own facilities, such as a kitchen, sanitary appliances and an electric meter cupboard. The modules are interchangeable. This means it does not make any difference if one module is situated in a wood or is part of a building complex consisting of 360 modules. It is possible to make five floor buildings purely on the basis of the load capacity of wood.

In order to stop climate change a reduction of worldwide CO2 emission is unavoidable.” The building sector can make a start: buildings are accountable for 36 % of the total of CO2 emissions. By making our modules completely carbon positive, we are contributing to a solution.

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