Smart Energy Pilot “EnergyFrontrunners”

Header image: Smart Energy Pilot “EnergyFrontrunners”

In the Dutch municipality of Heerhugowaard, the energy system of the future is being tested in smart energy pilot entitled ‘EnergieKoplopers’ (Energy Frontrunners), whereby 200 households are examining whether they can help prevent energy queues and make money by making more flexible use of energy. The results will provide insight into how flexible strategies can help grow sustainable energy and keep the electricity grid reliable at the lowest possible cost, while also revealing potential benefits for households.

The flexibility collected from the households can be beneficial to the grid operator in reducing peaks in the net, or to an energy company which can trade this flexibility on the energy markets (such as the day-ahead market or imbalance market). For the first time in real life, this field trial is examining the business model of an aggregator, who provides flexibility to either of these parties. This can lead to the development of propositions for households as well as tailored services for grid operators and energy companies.
The experimental pilot with 200 households is an initiative of Alliander, Essent, ICT, NRG031 and the Municipality of Heerhugowaard. The flexible energy system is set up according to the principles of the Universal Smart Energy Framework (USEF).

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