Cloudia: insight into your energy data at your fingertips

Header image: Cloudia: insight into your energy data at your fingertips

Cloudia is a data service that gives consumers easy, accurate and up-to-date (real-time) insight into their energy consumption. Consumers simply have to install the Cloudia data streamer in their smart meter, and then they’re all set to start saving energy.

Streamer with full cloud platform

Every ten seconds, Cloudia uses the local WiFi network to send a reading to the back office in the cloud. From there, a wide range of services can be offered to the client. In addition, the device offers diagnostic information which energy suppliers can use to answer consumer queries.

► Small: fits through mailbox

► Low power: powered through smart meter

► User-friendly: easy to install

► Open system: choose or build your own apps

Safe end-to-end data communication

Communication between the WiFi streamer and the back office has been thoroughly secured. Needless to say, it complies with the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act, and no meter data is stored. Only the energy supplier’s server can store this kind of data.

Open system: choose your own apps and branding

Energy service providers can use the back office to develop a wide range of services for consumers. Each party can choose or build its own systems, apps, and software to process data and present it to consumers.

Easy installation

The consumer can easily install the Cloudia data streamer in three steps: plug it in, connect it via the Cloudia smartphone app, and check the status on the LED light on the data streamer. Because the device is powered through the smart meter’s port it does not need a power outlet.

Remote maintenance

Once Cloudia has been installed, the consumer doesn’t have to do anything anymore. The device doesn’t need on-site maintenance. Diagnostics, firmware updates, and configuration can all be organized through the back office.

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