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The independent online network Civocracy provides a neutral platform for constructive discussions and gives citizens, entrepreneurs and organizations more impact on decision-making in their community. Municipalities benefit from citizen engagement: the benefits of knowledge expertise in society. With the platform, they can engage more people in their decision-making, in a transparent way. This leads to better decisions, with greater support. Civocracy aims for online interaction, with a clear reference to offline ways to be involved.

By bringing together local government, businesses, non-profits, and citizens, we bridge the gap between them to collaboratively solve problems. We aim to revive the sense of community through participation, collaboration, and transparency by enhancing citizen engagement.

Officials can launch discussion topics and obtain feedback from citizens. Citizens can raise topics, gain supporters and request responses from stakeholders. All participants can upvote positive ideas, and add information and are prompted to take actions, such as attending events, volunteering or donating to causes.

Civocracy encourages cross-city collaboration by linking related discussions in different locations. Civocracy currently works with municipalities, provinces and organizations in the Netherlands, Germany, and France. The platform is available in English, Dutch, German and French.

The discussions have been very constructive. The province of Noord-Holland even integrated 10 new ideas brought by citizens, into their economic policy!

We are happy to present Civocracy to you. This can be done in English or Dutch. If you prefer German or French, please contact us, so we can discuss the possibilities.

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