City Alerts – Improving the safety of emergency services

Header image: City Alerts – Improving the safety of emergency services

The police, fire department and ambulance services are working together for a long time. Still, there are many situations where an improvement of this collaboration can save human lives.

A couple of years ago a firefighter was stabbed down by a mental unstable inhabitant at a location where a fire alarm went off. The Municipal Healthservices¬†knew this inhabitant could be potentially dangerous. The reaction of the firefighter was: “Why did we not knew about that?”. The answer was simple: “We are not allowed to share this kind of information because of the privacy rights of the client”.

This is why adequate information exchange of relevant information (personal and non-personal) between emergency services during emergency incidents is very important. This should be done in such a way that rescuers have all relevant information available at a glance. The City Alerts project aims to share information that is not yet shared (because of practical, technical, organisational or privacy-related issues) using a unique color-coded system, which is non-privacy-invasive and provides instant operation instructions for rescuers.

The project aims to improve the safety of those involved during an emergency incident. It also aims to prevent that information which must be shared is not sent because of privacy-related issues. This may cause unnecessary damage or injury.

What is the next step?

Currently a proof-of-concept is implemented at Brandweer Amsterdam-Amstelland. If this proof-of-concept is successful, we’ll roll-out in Q3/Q4 2016.

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