Header image: Cargohopper

Cargohopper is a zero emission city distribution system in Amsterdam. We bundle pallets, packages and ugly goods from various shippers and transport companies in one of our four electrically driven Cargohoppers for delivery within the environmental zone in Amsterdam.

Project goal

Our aim is to decrease the number of transport vehicles in the city by optimizing the volume per vehicle. One Cargohopper can do the work of multiple halve loaded vans. It is a perfect solution for hauliers who lose much valuable time to deliver one or two pallets in the inner city. This also helps to lower the emissions of NOx, particles and CO2. We support companies to reach their environmental goals and lower their Carbon Footprint.

Most efficient zero emission partner

We developed our vehicles by ourselves to obtain highest efficiency versus costs. Our Cargohopper can transport up to 10 pallets and packages as well as ugly goods in one move up to 2.8 tons payload. That makes us the most efficient zero emission partner for store chains internet shops and general cargo handling. Our hub in Duivendrecht is perfectly accessible for regular trucks. We also supply storage facilities for goods on demand like copier paper. Goods can be delivered at our hub or collected from any place in the Benelux.

This is because Cargohopper is the last mile system for TransMission. This 24 hours Benelux transport system has over 475 vehicles and 18 hubs and good connections from and to Germany and France as well.

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