Bio-Asphalt – Replacing Fossil Adhesives in Asphalt

Header image: Bio-Asphalt – Replacing Fossil Adhesives in Asphalt

Asphalt is held together by bitumen from crude oil. This fossil adhesive is replaceable by green materials, in order to reduce CO2 production. Joined by the government and industry, scientists from Wageningen University are researching a substance in wood responsible for solidity in trees and plants. The substance, lignin, has already been applied in asphalt. This bio-asphalt is being tested on its’ characteristics, such as rolling resistance and sound.

” Lignin is abundant on the earth. Currently, lignin is being used primarily as an energy source. We saw opportunities for using lignin in adhesives and resins and as an additive for plastics. Our research has now shown that lignin also has an interesting potential application in bio-asphalt.” – Richard Gosselink, researcher Biobased products.

The research is executed at the Wageningen University.


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