AquaReUse – Greenhouse Circular Water Chain

Header image: AquaReUse – Greenhouse Circular Water Chain

AquaReUse is a purification concept where waste water from greenhouses is purified in order to reuse this water for irrigation. In fact, a greenhouse circular water chain is formed. Excess irrigation water is stored underground until it is needed, or if too little waste water is available, water from a natural source can be purified to replete the water supply. The design for the purification system uses conventional techniques from the waste water management and the process water industry which are combined in a unique way.

Market and applicability

Due to the intensification of horticulture, water needs within this agricultural sector remain large. The past decade people have worked to optimize the re-use of irrigation water from companies. Greenhouse farms can enlarge the amount of irrigation water re-used. Clusters of companies could, by using purification concepts like AquaReUse, also work together for a better usage of the available water.

The Water Board of Schieland and the Krimpernerwaard works together with water partners on an AquaReUse installation in the Overbuurtsche polder in Bleiswijk, a modern greenhouse area in the municipality Lansingerland. AquaReUse is a new concept in which al the effluent from greenhouse farms will be collected in a specially developed central installation. Here the water will be purified to irrigation water which complies all the quality requirements. This installation optimizes the re-use of residential- and agricultural waste water in order to use it to cultivate vegetables and ornamentals.

The Water Board of Schieland and the Krimipenerwaar wants to show with its AquaReUse-project that is is possible to let companies and municipalities cooperate and to together create a greenhouse circular water chain. It is an important innovation that wastewater from a cluster of companies can be purified to irrigation water and that greenhouse farms take this irrigation water from water boards.

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