In today’s information centric world, upgrading and leveraging the ICT infrastructure will be vital to create solutions to many issues for cities today in energy conservation, mobility and transport, safety, and other areas and improve overall quality of life.

Image: Smart Energy Consumption: Ipsum Energy

Smart Energy Consumption: Ipsum Energy

Ipsum Energy changes the status quo of energy consumption in our own, unique way. Our mission is for you and all other households and companies across the... read more »

Image: Saving Energy While Others Pay The Bill

Saving Energy While Others Pay The Bill

The goal of this project is to stimulate energy conservation in situations where people don’t pay for their energy bill. In a series of field experiments,... read more »

Image: CLIMADAPTOOL – The Urban Climate Adaptation Tool

CLIMADAPTOOL – The Urban Climate Adaptation Tool

Amsterdam has urban climate problems and these can be solved with many design interventions. In this project, we will develop a smart city app in which... read more »

Image: Amsterdam Beacon Mile

Amsterdam Beacon Mile

A route of up to 2km with beacons lining it. This will represent a testing area for those who want to test applications such as: ● Public way finding... read more »

Image: WOODYSHOUSING: Sustainable housing solutions

WOODYSHOUSING: Sustainable housing solutions

WOODYSHOUSING is the perfect solution for high quality single person housing in urban environments. We provide sustainable housing solutions and make quality... read more »

Image: Energy Atlas – Visual Energy Tool

Energy Atlas – Visual Energy Tool

How can we turn our cities into low carbon cities? Amsterdam developed an instrument to help local governments and their partners to prepare, develop and... read more »

Image: Big Data for Safer Streets – CityPulse

Big Data for Safer Streets – CityPulse

Enjoy an exclusive look behind the scenes in the ‘Living Lab’ of CityPulse: a ground-breaking project in which Atos and a consortium of partners use... read more »

Image: Logistical gain by using the limited city space efficiently

Logistical gain by using the limited city space efficiently

Starting February 2016, Technolution will install several digital traffic signs near existing loading/unloading bays in the city centers of Amsterdam, Rotterdam... read more »

Image: IoT Living Lab

IoT Living Lab

The IoT Living Lab provides public networks, open infrastructure, and data for developers to accelerate emerging IoT innovations for Smart City solutions.... read more »

Image: Games for Cities International Conference

Games for Cities International Conference

The Games for Cities Conference, held on 20-21 April 2017 in Rotterdam, is an International Conference that brings leading game-design experts from around... read more »

Image: SAM – Robot Security Systems

SAM – Robot Security Systems

Robot Security Systems offers efficient Safety & Security solutions based on Robotics. The unique Robotics technology ensures both time and money savings.... read more »

Image: Smart Lighting on Texel

Smart Lighting on Texel

The Dutch island of Texel,  the largest and most populated island in the Netherlands, aims to become fully energy neutral by 2020. TVILIGHT and DYNNIQ... read more »

Image: Lean Elderly Assistant – LEA

Lean Elderly Assistant – LEA

The Lean Elderly Assistant, or LEA, is a robot which is designed to enable the elderly to live independently in their own home. Although the elderly are... read more »

Image: WEPod – Autonomous Driverless Vehicles

WEPod – Autonomous Driverless Vehicles

WEpods are driverless vehicles that do not have a steering wheel or pedals. They are fully automated and are electrically powered. WEpods are tested in... read more »

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